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Business Presentation is Everything!

Updated: Jan 25

How is your business presentation? Do you want to gain trust from clients before they even connect with you?

This includes your website, your marketing, your email address and domain, and much more.

It is extremely important to know and perfect how your business or organization is presenting to your public. What is "my public"? Your public includes your potential clients or customers, people that may refer you, potential sponsors and donors, potential partners, potential volunteers and staff, and more. What you do and what you're offering should be gift wrapped to excite and entice your public and help you meet your sales goals and target goals.

How do I "gift wrap" my business/organization and present better?

Presenting better means a professional presentation that is informative, inviting, and sells your product or purpose for you.

Upgrading Your Presentation

  1. Brand Kit/Identity: Establishing a brand kit allows you to select the colors, fonts, font sizes, and norms for print and digital displays/presentation of your business. This goes for letterhead and templates, marketing letters, invoices, etc.

  2. Business Address: Get a virtual address. Some businesses still use a P.O. Box for various reasons, but a virtual address is much better these days. Some coworking spaces offer these, as well as places like Staples, printing businesses, and digital mail services. These options are better than a home address even if your main office is at your residence.

  3. Get A Professional Business Email Address/Domain: is great, but is so much better. This not only links your line of communication with your company name and website, but instills trust in your business or organization. Also, when you create your domain and email, you can create multiple free alias emails to keep your business inquiries organized. The most common aliases are info@, sales@, booking@, services@, hr@, and EmployeeName@. Also, set up a professional email signature. You can actually find premade fillable email signature online for free.

  4. Business Phone Number: Setup your VOIP - Google Voice, Skype, or other service. Get separate cell service from your personal cell service or a landline at your office location.

  5. Bookkeeping: Hire a professional or use a self-service like QuickBooks, Wave Accounting or I recommend hiring a professional like Vivacious Professional Services, but if you choose to use a self-service utilize the training or customer service opportunities they offer. When your backend is together, your front end is easier to manage seamlessly.

  6. Social Media Presence: Ensure your social media pages are just as presentable and leading your followers and visitors to you. Claim your profile on public sites and ensure your social sites have a call-to-action. Also, ensure your social media handle is the same on all platforms. Example: our social media handle is @ResumeMe317 on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Ensure the handle is available on each site prior to claiming, then claim that handle you choose as soon as you can

My Faves / Recommendations

  • - you can do SO much with Google. Start exploring and use what you need.

  • Google Email for professional email.

  • Google Voice for VOIP.

  • Staples for Business Address

  • Coworking Spaces in your area for Business Address and more.

Are you interested in more assistance or coaching on business presentation? Feel free to book a coaching session or organizational assessment. We're happy to help and always want to see your business or organization Presenting Better!

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